Add your Business

To add your business you need an account on the site. If you already have an account you can "sign in" to the site. To create an account on the site go to the "Get Listed" page. There you will be asked to pick a username and then add your email address and name. Once you have read and agreed the site Terms and Conditions, click the "Register My Account" button to register your account. You will be sent an email with a link in it which you must visit to prove that you have access to the email address you gave when registering. The email will also give you your preset password (you may change this once you have logged in). Once you have clicked on the activation link, "sign in" to the site. You may then add your business by clicking the "Add new business listing details" link.

Adding a business is a simple 5 stage process. You cannot submit the listing until all the required information is supplied. Clicking in any of the fields will display a short piece of help text explaining the information that is being requested.

1. General

You will be asked to provide your business name and a short description of your business. You will also asked if you want to enter Gaelic information for the business. This allows you to add alternative information for most of the text fields for your business to be shown to users browsing the site in Gaelic. You can move to the next step using the link, or by clicking the numbered tab.

2. Address

Enter your businesses address and website address here. You are required to enter your postcode. You can find out your postcode from the Royal Mail web site ( if you don't know it.

3. Category

You will be required to pick a category for your business. Before entering your business details it may be worth searching for any similar businesses to see which categories they appear in to find out where you business best belongs. If your business is involved in several distinct business activities, then your business can be listed in as many categories as required, but you will need to contact a site administrator to have the other categories added. Most businesses will find one category to be appropriate.

4. Contacts

You can enter many kinds of contacts for your business. Pick the type of contact from the drop down list (e.g Tel, Fax etc.). Enter the contact information in the field marked "Content". Contact Description would normally be left blank except where distinguishing two of the same type of contact. For example:

Type Desc Content
Email Support

You can enter three contacts when you first add a business. You will be able to add more subsequently.

5. More

On filling out these fields ( Video field can be used to link to a video on website) you can submit your listing. You will have the opportunity of adding an image / photograph to your business later.

When you have submitted a business it will be checked by a site administrator before being approved for publishing on the site. An administrator will contact you if there are any issues with your submission.